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Our Action Teams

While the key work of Evanston Cradle to Career involves ALL of our partner organizations working differently to advance the initiative's priorities through mutually reinforcing activities, we also work with partner organizations and community members collaboratively through five Action Teams focused on advancing equity in Evanston. 

Well-Being, Health, and Safety Action Team

No child can come to school ready to learn unless their basic needs are being met. This team is focusing initially on improving access to existing services in the community. Read more

Parent and Caregiver Empowerment Team

Parents play the absolutely pivotal role as their child’s first and most important teachers. This team’s initial focus is on supporting parents in their children's earliest years to ensure parents have the resources and information they need to prepare their children for future school success. Read more

Literacy On-Track action Team

If our young people are ultimately to be successful, it is critical that we ensure they are ready for kindergarten and remain on-track for success at each key transition point. This team is focusing initially on early childhood education and the successful transition to kindergarten. Read more

Summer Learning 

Many years of research demonstrate that the inequity of opportunity during the summer months undermines the academic achievement of less financially advantaged students contributing to the achievement gap. This team is focused on expanding access to enriching summer activities, particularly for children from lower income families. Read more

Prepared for Adult Life

While early childhood is extraordinarily important, we also need to ensure that our young adults have the skills they need for college and career success. This team is focusing on strengthening supports for young people as they look toward post-high school education and career. Read more