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Pursuing Equity

Effecting Change

EC2C is a collaborative partnership of more than 40 organizations committed to realizing a more fair and equitable community in Evanston.

We believe systems change is necessary to effect long-lasting improvements toward social equity. This means changing the normal, everyday operations of social institutions in order to remove barriers to resources and ensure fair access to opportunity for all Evanston families and their children.

Who We Are

We are a collaborative partnership of more than 40 organizations and 150 community members who aim to be a catalyst for change by addressing systems that affect and undermine children and families in Evanston. 

we succeed.




We seek to overcome obstacles, divisions, and long-standing racial and economic disparities in Evanston. EC2C advocates for ALL children and families to have access to the opportunities and resources needed to achieve equitable outcomes.



Our city’s future depends on all of us. As a collective impact effort, our partners are working toward a common vision, focused on equity, holding each other accountable around shared goals, and using data to determine our path forward. These factors make our partnership unique from other collaborations in Evanston.



We're committed to gathering and sharing meaningful metrics now and into the future, so that each partner organization can be more effective in serving our youth. We firmly believe that the whole community is responsible for the success of Evanston's young people.



We have a growing network of engaged partners who make a financial contribution each year to support EC2C's work. Our partners represent the public sector, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, businesses, and faith-based groups.



Every voice in Evanston is important. As a part of our community, you understand the challenges many of our youth face. We need your help in creating a more equitable community that helps our young people reach their full potential in life.