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Prepared for Adult Life Action Team

Goal: All young adults in Evanston have a post-secondary plan & the skills and supports needed to execute it

Key objectives

  • All young adults will graduate from high school or obtain an equivalency diploma & demonstrate reading proficiency
  • By age 23, all young adults will have and be implementing a post-secondary education and career plan
  • All young adults can identify and will access a network of supportive adults and professionals

initial focus

The Prepared for Adult Life Action Team has focused initially on identifying those resources available to help youth to build the foundation they need for a solid transition to post-secondary education or career.  They are now working with those programs and supports to build meaningful individualized post-high school plans for young people at Evanston Township High School, working with high school staff and varied nonprofit organizations involved with our community's young people. They have developed resource guides in both English and Spanish to support young people in connecting to needed resources.

The team has also surveyed both employers and youth to better understand the disconnect between employer needs and youth skills and availability to inform strategies for intervention and maximize youth employment both during and after high school.

They are working with the Mayor's Employers Advisory Council to create career pathways to living wage careers for youth who do not chose to attend a four-year college immediately following high school. The team is also working to ensure that all young people who graduate without a solid school or career plan are connected to local organizations to smooth their career transition.