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Community Building Grants

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Community Building Grants support individuals and groups who want to make their local communities better places to live and raise families. Local communities might be just one block or a larger neighborhood area or a group of community members who have shared experiences.

World of Women (WOW).  One grant funded in January sought to bring black and brown mothers together for support, to share information and ideas, and to get a relief from the everyday stresses of being mothers.  Each session is focused around a theme—such as self-care or kindergarten readiness, each designed to share useful information, but more importantly to offer community to mothers that may feel isolated or overwhelmed on their own.  The group has grown exponentially by word of mouth, clearly filling a void that exists in our community.

A grant from our second round of grantmaking supported Paint and Puff an event to celebrate textured hair--curls, coils, puffs, locs, braids, and twists. In speaking with our girls, we learned that there is a real need for hair identity and support. We had a lot of fun painting with colors that were customized to our individual looks and the creativity was overflowing along with the conversation. We learned by the end of the class that the girls really just need more images that looked like them. More emphasis needs to be placed on what to do with curly hair and especially how to celebrate it! Below are the bags they created at the session.

Paint and Puff.jpg

Community Building Grants can range from $100 to $1000 to support projects and ideas that bring people together, share skills and knowledge, and help make Evanston a place that helps children and their families.

The project has to be free, accessible, and welcoming to all. Groups can’t charge entrance fees, request donations, or fundraise at the event.

This Community Building Grant Program is in partnership with the Evanston Community Foundation.