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August 12, 2018

Raising Latinx Voices in Evanston, Learning the Community’s Needs


Evanston Cradle to Career is proud to partner with leaders from Evanston’s Latinx community for Convivencia Latina. On Friday, August 10, about 80 Evanston residents came out to Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center to enjoy family fun and engage in important conversations about the needs, concerns and opportunities facing the Latinx community, Evanston’s fastest growing population.

EC2C’s mission in its partnership with Evanston’s Latinx leaders is to help remove barriers to opportunities through a collective impact model for social change that empowers Latinx families. EC2C believes we can marshall our coalition partners to wrap around Evanston’s Latinx families with culturally-relevant supports and resources.

The convivencia was attended by 5th Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons; and Latinx families and children attended in what may have been record numbers for a local community gathering. All enjoyed authentic Mexican food (and pizza!), face-painting and loiteria, or adult bingo.
EC2C’s and Evanston Latinx leaders’ first convivencia wasn’t all fun and games. Critical conversations on immigration policy, education and a Latino community center helped organizers better learn the needs of Evanston’s Latinx community.