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How We Work

Why we exist

Evanston Cradle to Career (EC2C) was created in recognition that inequity in our community weakens the opportunity for success for many of our children and youth, particularly children of color and those from lower-income homes. We seek to change this reality.


Evanston is known for great diversity and strong community resources, however we also have some deep systemic racial, social, and economic disparities. EC2C is working to change the systems that create barriers and keep some of our children from reaching their full potential in life.


Following a nationally recognized “collective impact” model, we work collaboratively to overcome obstacles, divisions, and long-standing inequities by identifying gaps, challenging systems, and building trust. EC2C concentrates on five critical areas that are essential for Evanston’s young people to succeed. They are:


  • Well-being, Health, and Safety
  • Supporting Parents/Caregivers in Beginning Stages of a Child’s Life
  • Literacy
  • Summer Learning
  • Preparing Youth for Adult Life


While we do not create new programs, we are invested in realigning existing programs to maximize their impact for children and families. We seek to assess gaps, better coordinate and expand opportunities, and create a system of wide-ranging, innovative, and responsive supports upon which families and youth can rely as they move forward, from cradle to career, to cultivate fulfilling and satisfying adult lives.


Since our official launch, we have made some progress but there’s more to do. Long-lasting change demands that different sectors in the Evanston community come together around shared goals and actions. Currently, 150 community members and 40 partner organizations representing the public sector, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and faith-based groups are involved in this collective impact effort.


We invite you to join us.