Change Language

How we work

We’re collaborating to change the way Evanston operates and provide all our youth with equitable opportunities.

Why we exist

Long standing inequities in our community have resulted in too many Evanston youth being unprepared for success as adults.

Evanston Cradle to Career is a collective of schools, nonprofits, businesses, faith-based institutions, and individuals committed to the idea that every child in Evanston deserves a path to a fulfilling and productive life. To learn more, check out What IS Evanston Cradle to Career?

Our community. Our future.

We’re all proud of our community. Evanston belongs to all of us, and we’re all responsible for its future.

Everyone in our community has an important contribution to make, and each voice has purpose and brings value. We all need to challenge ourselves to confront the inequity within our community and to commit to new ways of working that challenge traditional assumptions. We must hear and value one another as we work together to to provide all Evanston youth with more equitable opportunities for success in adult life.