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Guiding Principles



We recognize issues of racism and disparity in our community and will work collectively to establish an inclusive community based upon equitable access and opportunity for all children, youth, and young adults in Evanston.


Shared accountability

We acknowledge that we are all responsible for the success of our young people and are committed to maximizing the potential of each child, youth, and young adult from early childhood to age 23.


Collective Impact

We commit to work in an intentionally coordinated manner, guided by a mutually agreed-upon shared performance measurement system, to achieve our shared vision for all Evanston youth.


Community Engagement and Development

We commit to partner with the people most affected by this community initiative, as equal stakeholders, to help lead the development and implementation of these joint efforts.


Positive Support Structures

We commit to ensure that Evanston children, youth, and young adults, as well as their families, have the positive support structures they need to be successful. These supports include, but are not limited to, social services, emergency assistance, housing assistance, workforce development, mentoring, and financial literacy.



We commit to leverage and direct our collective existing and future resources toward the accomplishment of the Evanston Cradle to Career vision.


Holistic Learning & Growth

We recognize that learning and education occur in various settings throughout the community and we will be intentional in fostering an atmosphere that encourages and provides life-long learning and educational opportunities to all.